My Story

My story selling Motorcycle parts starting from a motorcycle accident :)



Back in 1997  I broke my thigh and my right hand.This accident affected besides my health,my job that I couldn't go to , since I had to stay home and recover my personal life in general. Therefore, started adding advertisements on local newspapers and selling used motorcycle parts.Usually they were leftovers from the bike i bought to fix my damaged motorcycle from the accident.  



Back in those days, internet was not that popular. Although my cell was ringing constantly and people from all over started asking me to ship parts. Then, using my left hand I started removing bolts and pack parts ,visited for the first time a post office to ship my first order.

When I recovered  my bike was ready to ride and looked better than ever since i spent all my money  from  online-selling but people keeps calling me wanting more parts that I didn't have .So then I found out that I had to BUY AND SELL more.

Stopping to my Kawasaki dealer  day by day i end up working there in the parts department ,after in UFO plastic distributor and found myself getting paid to do my hobby!


2001 after 4 years from my accident insurance paid me and I  bought a BRAND NEW KLX650 in a box that immediately  became  SUPERMOTO   and started wheeling  with it everyday and night,drive to bike nights,magazines,having my own booth in Moto Expo...these were the best times of my life...



After that all history

My home started becoming a ''shop'' .Friends and clients were visiting to upgrade their bikes to SM adding 320mm brake discs new exhausts,plastics etc.Later on in 2005 I officially opened a real store , started selling online and imported new products from USA.




In 2006 I got an e-mail from my US supplier to visit  his booth in Indianapolis Motorcycle Dealer expo, and then my mind ''opened'' and i  decided to move to America in 2010 (that was not easy)




In 2009 I opened my Company BILLS EXHAUSTS and starting to export back to my country all these American products , that most people in Indianapolis knew me as ''the guy walking in the snow & delivering packages''

I ''upgraded'' my life and in 2016 moved to Miami and focused to the American market place & my online store   & Ebay store



Today   My goal is to help all bikers that need performance parts for their motorcycles and find solutions for the best price and quality.

My old bike KLX650 is always next to me after all these years(with some upgrades) and hopping this year 2022 get my H2 :) #billsexhausts

*Here is an eBay's version of my story when i was invited at the ebay 2021 Advocacy week as a Floridian  Ebay seller


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