Graves Titanium Electrick Blue Exhaust Valve Type-R R1 2015-2023 Exy-17r1-Cvtb

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Graves Motorsports Titanium ElectricK bLUE Yamaha R1 Cat Eliminator Exhaust with (Exhaust Valve Type-R – Butterfly Valve Technology). Requires FTEcu software purchased separately to use the EVR map (Verified purchases can contact to request a map). Graves' precise engineering develops precision products that are designed to outlook, outperform and outlast the competition. Graves Exhaust systems are designed for the elite rider seeking top of the line performance, fit, finish and value. This exhaust system was developed using the same technology that has powered the Graves Racing Team to 23 Professional AMA National Championships including 8 Superbike Championship titles and 3 Side x Side Pro Titles (Pro Stock and Pro Mod UTV). Scroll down for sound and installation videos.

This product is intended for closed course competition use only. Use of this product for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. 

The Graves EVR uses the factory exhaust motor and cables and custom mapping to improve torque and drivability at low to mid-range rpm and small throttle openings to create a more liner power curve and improved ride. This is particularly effective on exhaust systems with shorter silencers that can rob your bike of small throttle responsiveness while reducing the sound to acceptable levels. We did not allow compromise in the development of this system. Material diameters and lengths are optimized for maximum power output throughout the throttle and RPM range.

We use the same 1.00 MM think wall high heat grade Titanium tubing used on our Superbikes. This material is designed special for maximum durability and oxidation resistance up to 800*Celsius / 1472*Fahrenheit. It is designed to live at almost twice the temperature of normal Grade2 Titanium. The tubes are precision bent and cut with the latest equipment available. The tubing is then welded in fixtures designed so that repeat-ability is second to none. It comes with a single Lambda receiver bung (sensor not included) for on track data logging or Dyno tuning or the addition of FTECU’s Active Tune. The spring tabs are made from 4MM thick Titanium wire for long life.

The 200mm Titanium ElectricK bLUE silencer is one piece with the tail pipe welded to the deep draw tapered Titanium entrance cap and attaches to the collector with a 60.5 MM machined Titanium joint for a perfect fit every time. The Collector attaches to the stock mount under the frame with a Titanium tab that has an 8MM machine Titanium nut welded to the tab. The silencer attaches to the motorcycle with a strapless aluminum bracket that is black powder coated and integrated into the silencer. The silencer sleeve is made of Titanium that attaches to the titanium end caps with stainless aircraft grade rivets and Titanium silencer bands. The inter core tube is made of stainless that slips over the entrance and into the exit cap that is a stamped from Titanium and welded to deep draw Titanium tube exit cap beauty cover.

This system performs like our superbike pipe and shows like jewelry.

What Chuck Graves the president of Graves Motorsports had to say about the release of Graves’s newest line of exhaust systems, EVR and the technology behind it:

  • "The EVR or Exhaust Valve Type R is and electronically controlled valve that improves drivability at small throttle and low RPM ranges where it matters most to the rider. The systems can also be utilized to reduce sound by a significant amount without reducing maximum power output."
  • What makes the Graves EVR different than the stock exhaust valves that racers commonly remove when the stock system is replaced with an aftermarket race system? 
  • That's pretty simple, we install it in a race system and tune the electronics to maximize efficiency. The current trend of sport bike enthusiasts has been attracted to short silencers simply for looks. Power output and drivability has been sacrificed exclusively for the trendy look. Secondly the sound levels of many of these systems has reached the level of irresponsible and annoying for even the youngest riders. The aftermarket has responded with sound inserts to bring these short power robbing systems to an acceptable level. The real drawback to this is that once the sound inserts are installed the rider can now feel the negative effect of the system and the overall performance. In most cases, I'd say 99.9% of all motorcycles that I have tested, the power output and throttle response is now far worse than the stock exhaust. 
  • With the EVR by Graves we solve all 3 issues, the power output, throttle response and the sound.
  • Who else uses this system on their race pipes? 
  • Only Factory teams are using it now and most of them are well hidden!
  • Why hasn't this been done by the aftermarket before? 
  • Again, that’s pretty simple. Cost! To drive the valve requires hardware and software. At a minimum, you need an ECU that is capable and a motor. The emergence of ECU flashing has given us the ability to do this at a reduced cost because we can now control the stock ECU motor controls. We have designed our EVR systems to accept the stock motor and cables. This makes for a clean setup.
  • So, is the FTECU flashing system is required to optimize the EVR exhaust system? 
  • That is correct. Anytime you replace the stock exhaust system with an aftermarket racing system it requires changing the fueling. In addition to air fuel requirements, the modern motorcycle engine control systems cannot be optimized by piggyback systems. Now the flashing of the ECU is common place. Graves has partnered with FTECU to manage these strategies to enhance our exhausts systems performance just as a Factory team would do.
  • What if I already have a flashed ECU? 
  • What Graves has been telling our customers is that they should purchase the FTECU flashing kit when they purchase an exhaust from Graves. Graves provides maps for the user to install in their motorcycles ECU. We tell them that by having the FTECU flashing system in their tool box they can update their ECU whenever Graves publishes a new map. If they have the system already then, an updated map is all that they will need.


  • 200mm Length Silencer Design (Titanium electro coated in ElectricK bLUE) designed to match the R1's "Superbike Inspired" Race lines and SUPERBIKE colors!
  • Silencer mounts directly to the OEM rearset bracket using a stealth integrated "strapless" bracket built into the silencer
  • Constructed from Aerospace grade hi heat Titanium alloys
  • 1 Auto Tuner Style Lambda sensor receiver comes standard (Sensor sold separately. OEM dual sensor mounts up front are eliminated for a smoother flowing exhaust). 
  • Advanced welding process showcases laser perfection welds
  • 11 lbs. lighter than stock
  • Performs like it looks and looks like it performs!!

Stock Silencer + Cat System Weight = 17.4lbs: Cat Eliminator System Weight = 6.5 lbs. (10.9lb. savings)

  • Stock sound 80 DBA @ idle 91 @ 5000
  • Graves Cat Elim EVR (200mm) 89 DBA @ idle 103 @ 5000 (with sold separately sound insert) Graves Cat Elim EVR (200mm) 87 DBA @ idle 108 @ 5000 (No sound insert)
  • Standard Cat Elim with (200mm) 93 DBA@ idle 113 @ 5000 (no sound insert)

Fitment: Yamaha R1 R1M R1S 2015-2023 (Note 2020 + R1 riders can call in the orders to have front 02 sensors added for an extra charge if your tuning cannot remove the 02 sensors).